It Must Be Winds-day

Recently, there was a huge wind storm that closed schools, and the Bay Bridge. We were getting winds over 70 miles per hour up at our house on a windy hill.

I was home alone, and the wind was blowing like crazy, and it sounded like the roof was going to fall off. I was minding my own business, eating some french toast, when Sparky started to bark. I got up slowly, assuming it was only a car going by, or a bird or something. I looked out the window, and the chicken coop was on its side in the yard! It flew over the 4-foot electric netting, and landed on the fence that we had just made. I quickly ran outside to see what I could do. There was one chicken still in the coop, but she was fine. I put her back in the netting with the other chickens. The rooster, Flash, was out of the netting with a couple of other chickens, so they had no access to food and water. I tried to pick them up to put them back in, but they just ran away. I even tried to open the netting so they could run in, but the chickens, being the dumb animals they are, ran the other way. I gave up, and then I realized one of the chickens inside of the netting was laying down with its wings spread out. I tried to feed it but it wouldn’t eat. When my mom and dad came home, we figured out it had a broken leg and we had to kill it the next day. Since the chickens had no coop, we had to get their old coop and put it on the tractor and I drove it to the chickens. They were all a bit shaken up from the coop flipping, but besides that they were fine.

On a side note, the neighbor’s goat had 2 kids on Monday (my birthday!) They are so cute! On Tuesday, the other goat had triplets! I am getting goats in May to show at the fair. I’ll keep you updated on that when it comes closer.

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  1. Wow five new baby goats at the neighbors. Be they will be fun to watch when it warms up a bit and the snow melts.

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