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We have recently ordered trees from the company Stark Bro’s. So far they have been very helpful, and the trees are doing great and look very healthy, so I would strongly recomend them. I was in charge of finding and ordering the trees, so if you have any questions you can ask me. So far I have made one order of twelve products.

The first nut tree I ordered was the Colby Pecan. My mom is the only one who likes pecans, but they get up to 100 feet tall, so I decided we could use them for shade. Pecan trees take a while to get nuts, so we will need to wait a good seven years before they start to do anything. When you grow pecans, to be properly pollinated you need a type one and type two pecan tree, so I also got the Peruque Pecan. Last off for the nut trees, I ordered a Hall’s Hardy Almond. The almond tree luckily doesn’t need a pollinator, but since my mom makes roasted almonds and almond butter, I decided that it would be worth a try.

Next off is the fruit trees, and the first one is the 2-N-1 Plum. It has both ruby redheart plums, and yellow shiro plums. The two kinds ripen at different times, so we will not get them at the same time. Because it is grafted, it does not need a pollinator, but normally plums do. The next tree was the Redhaven Peach, which was the only tree I got in standard size. It was the only peach tree I bought, but we found a volenteer peach tree growing in our compost pile last year, and it is doing good. I also got two apples, the Enterprise Apple and the Gala Apple. They are good pollinators, and we love crunchy flaverful red apples. We also got a Pink Lady apple as a gift from our amazing real estate agent, Christine Hersey, but it was not from Stark Bro’s. It still seems to be doing good.

Also, I got a small selection of berries for our garden. I got a Natchez Blackberry┬ábecause it says it produces large flavorful fruit. It is self pollinating, and is an early bearer. The next berry was the Blueray Blueberry. We have many other blueberries that we got elsewhere, but this one is doing the best, and plus it has a really cool name. I also got the Latham Red Raspberry, which is the first of many raspberries we will plant along a long bed near the trees. I’m not sure what Stark Bro’s means when they say the raspberry is “good flavored”, but it sounds like a good thing. Last, I got a Tribute Strawberry, which is an everbearing variety that produces until first frost. Hopefully we will start to get strawberries for months in a few years.

I got one shade tree, the Red Sunset Maple, which is supposed to be very pretty in all seasons but winter. We will plant it on the side of the house with some other trees that we propegated as cuttings, which will provide shade to our deck in the summer.

I will order more plants in the future, probably by spring of 2018, so stay tuned for updates.

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